By   March 21, 2014

For personal or small families you can always rely on one of these small food processors. They are all efficient in their operation. You will get quality food and in the shortest time possible. These modish food processors include:


KitchenAid KFC3100

This is a smart and very efficient food processor. It is referred to as chef food chopper. This small food processor is suitable for fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat and many more. This is because of its spiral reversed action blades that produces fine sized food. This processor is also has a smart touch for dry and wet component separation. This is where you will be able to add all flavorings. It is very easy to access since it does not drop easily hence very reliable machine. You can also control the intensity and speed so that you can regulate the sizes and texture of your processing food. This is aided by its electronic pulse pad.

Cuisinart DLC-4CHB Mini-Prep

This is a spectacular small food processor. It has great features for efficient function. It has four cups for quantity food production. It is easy to control from its touch pad. The handle is very comfortable to handle from its grip. The processor also has auto reversing blades for fast and reliable grinding and chopping of food. You will be easily guided by its instruction book with recipe for different foods. This makes it very convenient in its operation. It easily makes cleanup by the use of its dishwasher which is very safe. This is one of the best small food processor you can rely on for your food processing. It comes with up to 18 month warranty.

Cuisinart DFP-3 handy prep

This food processor has three cups with feed tube for efficient food processing. It is able to direct food ingredients trough the chute attachment. This is because it has the ejector disc that enables this function. The chute attachment is responsible for the shredding and slicing of food all the times. It has medium shredding disc that greatly boost the shredding process. It also has a chopping mixing blade made from stainless steel. This is one of the best food processors for you.

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